Terms for Registration of UK Domains

The current version of this document can always be found online at http://ln.durge.org/domains

Key Terms

I am not a commercial registrar, and do not offer domain registrar services publically. If you are looking for a registrar, please choose one from the list of registrars on the Nominet Website.

The details provided here are for existing domain owners whose domains I have previously agreed to manage ("Approved domain owners"). They are published for their information and for compliance reasons only, and do not constitue an advertisment or offer of services.

The registration and renewal of any .UK domain is subject to the terms and conditions set down by Nominet. In registering or renewing a domain you are entering into a binding contract with Nominet including those terms, and agreeing that Darren Edmundson has the authority to act on your behalf as Registrar in relation to that registration.

Domain registration is for a given number of years, specified when the domain is registered or renewed. You will be contacted at least 30 days before the expiry of that period at your current contact address with details of how to renew and the current cost. If you wish to renew, you must let us know by replying to domains@durge.org before the expiry date. If you do not reply, the domain will not be renewed, and Nominet will suspend the domain after 30 days, and cancel it after a further 60 days, after which other people may register it, and you may permanently lose access to the domain.

Domain registrations are done at cost, Nominet's current charges for a 1 year renewal is £3.90 + VAT (you can renew for any number of years up to 10). There is no charge to transfer a domain to another registrar.

Customer Commitments

I am not a commerical registrar. Higher levels of customer service are available from many of registrars listed on the list of registrars on the Nominet Website, and you should consider using one of those to register your domain instead.

Approved domain owners wishing to make changes to their domains should contact me by email at domains@durge.org. If your request needs urgent attention, you should try also to ping me on IRC or via IM.

Approved domain owners may request to transfer their domain to another Registrar at any point. If you wish to do so, please check the new registrar's terms and conditions to ensure you comply, and then contact me with their tag as above. I will make no charge for transferring the domain.

Mails from approved domain owners relating to existing domain registrations or complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days. Non-urgent changes are made on a best-efforts basis, though usually in the same timeframe.

Nominet require me to talk about complaint escalations; I'm a private individual, so there's no-one else to escalate to, though I'll take onboard any complaint or criticism you wish to address to me and try to fix any problem I reasonably can. If you believe that I've still not met your expectations, you have the right to address your complaint directly to Nominet, whose Registrar complaints procedure is outlined here.

Contact Details:

I can be contacted at:

Darren Edmundson
17 Beckenham Place Park
+44 7507 482 704
If you have reason to believe that a domain registered on my tag is being used for illegal purposes, or is in breach of the terms governing its registration, please contact domains@durge.org with details.